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Viastika Varna Vanisha Vs Valdi Valor Viceroy

I don’t know, but maybe my obsession about ‘V’ letter make me create these character’s names. The first one contains of Indonesian name, more Javanese . I said that she’s Javanese from the suffix ‘astika’. Moreover, in the story, It said that her sister was named “Tyas” and her brother was “Pras”. I don’t know exactly what is the meaning of Viastika. When I was searching at Google, what I found about Viastika is a title of Greek song, sang by Kaiti Garbi. I searched the meaning in Greek, but I didn’t find it. When I said “Viastika” in my mind I think about something in Hindustan conversation or an ancient Sanskrit.

I search about Viastika in Sanskrit Dictionary, but I didn’t find it. Luckily, I found the suffix “Astika” in Sanskrit that means “there is or exist” then “one who believes in the existence” then “the son of Jaratkaru and Bhagini in Mahabhrata”. After known the meaning, I think about her last name, Vanisha, from english word “Vanish” that it means disappear suddenly. It’s a little , exist, then disappear.

The middle name “Varna” is refer to the largest city on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast, third-largest in Bulgaria after Sofia and Plovdiv, and 81st-largest in the European Union, with a population of 349,031.[1] The actual daily population, including commuters, is widely believed to have made it the country’s second-largest city. The other meaning of Varna is a Sanskrit term derived from the root vrn meaning “to choose (from a group).” Literally translated, “Varna” means green tree. Varna is functional hierarchy system proposed by the Brahmin texts to describe their society. It is an ideal system that did not exist anywhere in reality, as the Indian society was organised according to Jatis, since time immemorial(wikipedia). In the Sanskrit dictionary, Varna also can be determined as “color”, “letter”, “cover”, “class”, “coat”, “caste” and “character”.

The last name, Vanisha like I said before was taken from English “Vanish” that means disappear suddenly. I didn’t mean anything with choose this name, but I think the spell was nice to hear. I searched about Vanisha and find that Vanisha is a usual name in India. It’s all about Viastika Varna Vanisha that I know.

When you hear about Valdi Valor Viceroy where did this guy come from? Valdi is a famous folk singer in Canada. But I didn’t know him when I made this character. It’s just a usual name maybe…he..he…. Valor means courage and bravery. The Last name viceroy is refer to a royal official who governs a country or province in the name of and as representative of the monarch, (In Spanish, usually). I ever think that this guy’s name is very not Indonesian, but I like it. So I used it.

I also like words like Vendetta, Venial Vexation, Vigor, Veracious or Veracity, and Valence (one of my short story character). Tell me if you found another V words… I’d like to collect it…


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