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Cool Way Of Cheating, I think..

I ever read a story about a junior high school boy (maybe it’s just fiction) in a computer magazines about four or five years ago. He wasn’t a clever boy, but he was very expert in using computer and internet, (I ever thought that his parents were programmer–both). One day, he should follow the monthly test of a lesson that he hate so much. He’d promise to follow a chatting with his friend in another country by internet in the night before the exam.So, He decided to do something about the test. It’s a cheating, but I think it’s a cool way of cheating…

He collected information about keypad recorder. It means that anything you type in your keyboard be able to known and sent to someone who set it. After school, he brought the software he got last night and went to the computer in the corner of the school lab. He knew that his teacher always use this computer, for browsing and write the question for the test. He set up the software in the computer and gone. What he should do was just waiting in home. He got into his room that full of the newest gadget he got from e-bay. He set up so many trap, I mean the sensor to protect his private room and secret stuff on his computer. He threw away his school bag and turn on his monitor and started to spy. He wait until his keypad recorder worked. After about one hour, he recognize that it was his teacher who used that computer. His teacher started to write down the question for the test while take a chat with someone and opened some website. He also get the URL and IP Addresses of his teacher chatmate. It wasn’t a normal URL that a teacher opened, a little nasty, he..he.. this is a secret, he..he… It’s funny to know what his teacher were talked to his chatmates, because every single word that his teacher typed was recorded. He stopped his activity when his teacher ended to write down the question. It’ s been late afternoon, he printed out the question and went to his ‘number one student’ friend’s home. He pretended that he want to study together and ask him to answer the question. After several hours and get the answer he went home and preparing himself to take a chat that he promised before.

In the morning, he went out to school and found that everything he’d done didn’t waste his time. He got perfect score and a big secret of his teacher. He couldn’t even look at his teacher’s face because he always remembered what his teacher said in his chatting yesterday.

It’s a usual thing happens in this world, but it’s a cool way of cheating. I think… he..he..


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