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Lost? Habit, Intelligence or Genetics?

bloodThere’s something interesting (I think..) about person that have B blood type. I ever read about the habit of person who have this blood type. It says that they are usually ‘lost’ in the way. I didn’t believe it until i get my own experience. I am B person, I never tested my blood type until I was in the Senior High School. I always thougth that I am B type, because both of may parents are B. When I learned about Genetics on third year of Junior High School, I started to think about what kind of blood type am I? I asked to my parents and they said that both of them were B and I know that my grandparents were B and O. There’s a possibility if I was O, but it’s not significant, because from four of my grandparents It’s just only one had O blood type.

It was in the second year of my Undergraduate study, I got my own blood donor member card. It wrote there that my blood type was B with positive rhesus. I was so happy that my prediction was true. After know it, there’s so many test or quiz based on blood type. I like to know my personality from that quiz, sometimes it’s true, but it’s not a general conclusion that we can draw easily. Especially after I knew a little about statistical method for get the inference and look for the relationship about two or more things (variable). The most interesting thing I get was about “lost”. On that quiz, it was said that people with B blood type are the easily lost in the crowded. Lost direction when walking, and something like that.

From the last two years, I counted my ‘lost’ frequency when travel alone or together with my friends. The probability of ‘lost’ in my experience is almost 0.3 or 30%. It means in ten times travel, I will ‘lost’ about three times, or maybe had been increased to 0.4 now. The definition of lost that I mean were wrong direction when choose the public vehicle, wrong destination when go down, wrong public vehicle number, the destination was passed, wrong when reading the street name, etc.

I ever ‘lost’ two times in one day, even three times (almost in every lost when I travel by myself). It was on the way to visit my cousin in the Mitra Hospital, Kp. Melayu. On that Friday, I left from Bogor at eleven, and hope that I can take dhuhur pray at the hospital. I asked to my friend, how could I go there. I asked what should I do when I arrived at UKI shelter, should I cross before I get the vehicle? She said ‘yes’ and I just go without thinking about the position of Kp. Melayu relatively with the UKI shelter. When I arrived at UKI Shelter, I crossed through the bridge and just go into the vehicle. After several minutes when I recognized that I was on the wrong number of public vehicle I wait for the right wrong directionnumber, did it pass there. I was thanks that the right vehicle passed there too, so I go down and move. I looked at the building along the street, but I didn’t found the hospital yet. After about 45 minutes, I feel uncomfortable, so I send a short message to my friend asked about the usual time to be in Mitra Hospital from UKI. He said it’s about 30 minutes. I said that I’ve been in the vehicle for 45 minutes, then he just said to be patient, just looked at the building along the street. I feel that I was lost, because I saw the direction of another public vehicles, they went to Depok. I think that this wasn’t the right way. I feel sure, when I see ‘Cijantung Mall’ but I still denied and think, may be just my feeling. After about one hour and a half in the vehicle. It’s just me and two men left in the vehicle (included the driver). The driver asked me, “Turun dimana neng?”, I just say ” Rumah Sakit Mitra Kp. Melayu masih jauh ya Pak?”, then he said “Lha, ini tadi dari Kp. Melayu.” Ijust said back, ” Oh salah ya? terus naik apa pak kesananya?” He answered, “Naik yang nomor ini lagi aja, ntar bilang dulu mau ke RS Mitra, soalnya nggak dipinggir jalan”. I go down, paid the charges and cross. It was almost a half to two o’ clock. I can’t find a mosque, so I decided to go back to Kp. Melayu with the same number of vehicle.

I could find the vehicle easily. In the way, there was a crowded people in the side of river, they said that there was a died body lied there. I can’t see it, but it has made the vehicle slower. I think, ohh… there’s so many things happened thiefthis day. I said to the driver that I wanna go to Mitra Kp. Melayu hospital, he said okay, and would tell me, where should I go down. After several minutes, the vehicle was full. I sat in the very corner of the vehicle. A man with his three children come in, and sat beside me. After that, a men in front of him do something with his leg (something like massaging) and offer him a leaflet of the service (I was given too). Then some minute next, that man (who give the leaflet) went down, then the man (who’d been massaged) realized that he lost something, his money. I didn’t really understand how much money it was, but his children said angrily, “Haduh, bapak gimana sih, itu kan buat bayar rumah sakit”, and I think that it was ‘much’. How poor that man and his children. After some conversation, they went down, and try to catch the thieves (I said thieves because I had just realized that some men who sat beside the men before was his friends, coz they went down not very long after he went down). Then all of the people in the vehicle talked about the thieves and the man with his children along the street (included the driver). After a woman went down, I asked the driver, “Rumah sakitnya masih lama ya Pak?” then the driver said, “Aduh, saya lupa. Udah kelewatan Mbak, ini dah mau nyampe terminal Kp. Melayu. Nanti deh, saya naikin di terminal aja yang langsung lewat sana.” Haaah… I was dazzled, I wrong, again….haaaah….. I laughed by myself. I was left in Kp. Melayu shelter and pointed which vehicle I should ride. I arrived at Kp. Melayu Mitra Hospital at four o’ clock. How poor am I. I lost three times that day. Wrong number of vehicle, wrong direction of vehicle, and passed the destination.

It’ s just one of my ‘lost story’, I told my cousin about my journey. And she just said, “Kaya’nya kita sama aja”. She said that, she was same with me, have a hobby to ‘lost’. Then I think, is it genetic? May be, hahaha… When I followed the multiple intelligence test at , my spatial intelligence was good, but why am I lost? I don’t know. What I know is, lost is wonderful. You can know some place that you never know. And, the bad habit that I have is when I go somewhere and lost, what I remember is the way I lost, so when I go there in other time, I will lost again.:)):)):))

Anybody wanna lost with me?? Join with me on my travel…


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