The Darkness

Please.. Don’t Ever Think To Move Your Feet!!

UnCountAble, UnPredictAble, UnSaveAble, UnShoutAble..
All of these feeling fill my head, not just my heart,
All of these feeling steal my soul..
And it pour, shake and everything inside broken…
Hatred, dark side blending with that pure heart
Laugh and tears, are those necessary?!
You’re being drown with my black ink..
In the end, Allah gives you more light from sun,
Breaking all your habits before, and walking with sunshine,
But why???
I’ve give up on you, so please wake up by yourself…
Even if you’re shaky and easy to break…
You’re someone, who always stand in front of us and walking in the dangerous side of life..
So wake up!!!
It’s true that I’m here seeing you through this bridge on the light…
And I never want you to ever being in the darkness because it doesn’t fit on you..
So please,
don’t even try to walk in this bridge into the dark…
because you will see another you,
That may be have been sleep for a long time…
Stay in there!!!! I will go away if you want me to,
Eventhough I’m not sure, that I can keep my eyes away from you..
I’m sorry for bothering you, all……
I will keep in silent, but I don’t know why, these desperate feeling still bothering…
Keep in your world !!don’t ever think to leave from there…
Save YourSelf, Because I Can’t Save MySelf..


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