The Darkness

I’m not running!!

I’m not running, I talked to myself, that I’m not running..
It’s true that sometimes, everything not happens as you wish..
But I’m not running, I told again to myself, I should not running..
Everytime I feel scare I just wanna running away, but I’m not..
I just wanna do this and don’t wanna do that, but I’m not running…
So should I stop, and let all of my life take control?
by who?
I just wanna see another face of world,
Since I still trying to find the most comfort sanctuary,
Is it true that there’s no place in this world eligible?
So where should I go?
I try to find, somewhere, or someone make me pleasure…
Where? and Who is it?
There’s no place in this world…
But may be there’s someone,
Is that you?
Hm… I dunno who are you…


2 thoughts on “I’m not running!!”

  1. Jikalau lari menyelesaikan masalahmu maka larilah
    jika menangis adalah yang terbaik bagimu maka menangislah
    namun jika sabar di atas sabar terbaik buatmu
    maka bersabarlah….

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