The Darkness

It’s True

It’s true,
that I still love you,
It’s true, that I miss you like crazy
That’s all true
I’m searching for someone to replace you
Because I can’t cover that big empty space that’s just appear after you leave…
Maybe I don’t need you anymore,
But I just can’t make myself used to like when you’re not there
Even after all of these time…
I’ve been tortured, by all of the love you gave me…
I know I can through these..
I even try to kill it, suicide
Just to make sure I would not through these all feelings
But I was failed to suicide, because you give me life
I’ve told you, I can’t refuse you..
You never been wrong,
It’s just me, myself
Hating myself
Trying to escape, but there’s nowhere to run
Trying to find someone, but I stand here alone
It’s me who runaway, from that cruel social community
So I stand here alone is also my false, and my choice…
These guilt of sin to you killing me day by day,
Because I can’t find a way to make it clear…
Maybe paradise won’t let me in…
But hell, I can’t take it…
Where should I go?
I’m all alone, again, in the corner
Trying to forget you
But I can’t

please forgive me..


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