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Data Mining Contest on Kaggle

Sembari belajar Kalkulus (padahal bosen) searching-searching buat current data mining contest. Ada beberapa yang menarik di Kaggle:

This competition aims to discover whether other approaches can predict the outcome of chess games more accurately than the workhorse Elo rating system.
Part two requires competitors to predict 793 tourism-related time series. The winner of this competition will be invited to contribute a discussion paper to the International Journal of Forecasting.
The objective of this competition is to predict the optimal number and type of newspapers that should be placed on different news stands. This competition is being powered by Kaggle but run on a standalone website.
This competition requires participants to predict edges in an online social network. The winner will receive free registration and the opportunity to present their solution at IJCNN 2011.
The aim of this competition is to develop a recommendation engine for R libraries (or packages). (R is opensource statistics software.)
Untuk due date dan keterangan lengkapnya, monggo di klik linknya atau langsung mengunjungi websitenya Kaggle

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